Here Is The Story Behind Shree Brar’s Name

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Punjabi singer and lyricist Shree Brar is a very well known name of Punjabi Music Industry. He has served us with various hit & superhit tracks like Swag, Cash Chak and Gangster Bande.

But just like most of other punjabi celebrities, Shree Brar also uses a secondary stage name. Which means Shree Brar is not the artist’s real name.

Shree Brar’s real name is Pawan Deep Singh. And his pet name was Babbu since his childhood days. He revealed in an interview that nobody called him by his real name. He was known by the name ‘Babbu’.

But he always felt a strong connection with the name ‘Shree’. He felt attracted towards the name and decided to adopt it. 

He names himself Shree and uses this as his stage name as well. He became popular in the industry with this name and his fans loved it.

There are many celebrities who have changed their names before and after entering in the Punjabi Music & Film Industry. And there are various examples who proved that their stage names proved to be lucky for them.

Did you know that Shree Brar was not his real name and the fact that he has names himself?

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