IDGAF By Sidhu Moosewala Delayed, Reasons Unclear

IDGAF By Sidhu Moosewala Delayed, Reasons Unclear

On 16 July, one of the most awaited tracks of the album ‘IDGAF’ was scheduled to launch. The song was a Sidhu Moosewala collaboration with British rapper Mr. Morrisson and music producer Steel Banglez and The Kidd.

The audience had been waiting for this collaboration and the song since the very start of the album. But the audience were not happy with the news they had to hear this morning. Getting up with the excitement of a MooseTape track release day, we had to face disappointment as the track was delayed in the morning by Gold Media. Gold Media told the fans to ask music video director Sukh Sanghera for the reason behind delayment. Now, the releasing time of the track will be announced tomorrow.

Replying to Gold Media’s comments, Sukh Sanghera put up a screenshot of Gold Media’s story and cut his name. He requested the audience to ask music producer The Kidd behind the reason for the track getting delayed. The Kidd hasn’t offered his statement on the issue yet. 

The audience has been put into thinking. Nobody is clear as to what happened between the team that they had to delay a huge track like IDGAF that had so much hype around it. There’s another part of the audience, people like us, who just want the track to be released, nothing else!

We are finally coming to the end of one of the biggest ever albums of the punjabi music industry, by an equally huge superstar. The public had been waiting and not waiting for this. Waiting for the closing tracks of the MooseTape that had so much hype around them, and not waiting for an album like this to end. The bar that the last MooseTape track ‘295’ has set, the closing of the album is surely going to be huge. . We are prepared, and not prepared for it!

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