Is Sidhu Moosewala Planning To Launch His Merchandise Along With Moosetape?

Rumours have started gaining pace that Sidhu Moosewala might soon drop his official merchandise. The merchandise is expected to launch along with the album Moosetape. If the rumours are true, the merchandise will be named “SMW Life”. Fans are already waiting eagerly for the album, now they have another reason to be curious about it.

The reason behind the suspicion is that Sidhu Moosewala has been seen wearing various chains, t-shirts etc. with the logo “SMW Life”. He has also been seen wearing a chain with “5911” inscribed, and 5911, as we all know, is used to refer to Sidhu.

The posters of his latest album Moosetape show him wearing his probable merchandise. Though there is no official statement by Sidhu himself or his team, the merchandise looks very probable.

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