Jassa Dhillon Unfollows Gur Sidhu On Instagram! Have The Two Finally Split Up?

Jassa Dhillon and Gur Sidhu have been one of the most successful duos in the Punjabi Industry since the day they’ve come together. Be it a collaboration, or their solo tracks, both of them have always entertained and impressed the audience but now, it appears like the two have parted their ways! 

Jassa Dhillon has unfollowed Gur Sidhu on Instagram. Rumours are that the two have parted their ways with each other and won’t be appearing in any future songs together. They have dropped some of the most memorable songs of their career together, Pyar Bolda, Taakre, 1 On 1, Above All, Talja, Bhalwani Gedi and so many more, the list could go on forever. 

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But now, Jassa Dhillon unfollowing Gur Sidhu on Instagram surely means something. While the fans argue on many occasions that unfollowing doesn’t mean they are in a rift or have parted their ways, all of it is just made up. But why would artists unfollow someone else on Instagram? 

This has stirred up a whole new discussion among fans, believing that their favourite duo finally parted their ways and ended all the future collaborations with each other. Jassa and Gur Sidhu both used to release their songs on the ‘Brown Town Music’ label but now, rumours are that Jassa Dhillon has started his new Music label, Dream Records and will be releasing his songs through that!

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If the rift is actually true and all these hints mean something, we will witness another team break-up in the Punjabi Music Industry. It wouldn’t be something new to see this, we’ve earlier seen many superhit teams breaking up. However, there hasn’t been any clarification by any of the stars as of now. So all of it just remain plain rumours until the stars break their silence and decide to talk about it.

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