Explained: How Jupiter Helped Earth in Becoming A Habitable Planet?

We all know our planet earth is one of its kind as no other planet other than earth with habitable qualities has been discovered so far. Earth is just unique isn’t it? But do you know the earth’s journey of becoming a habitable planet includes a bigger support of its sister planet of our solar system, Jupiter.

Yes, you heard it right, Jupiter, the largest planet of our solar system, has helped the most unique planet of our solar system to develop the qualities of becoming a habitable planet.

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Earth is said to be born 50 million years after Jupiter’s birth. Whereas, Jupiter, which is known as the oldest planet of our solar system, was born only a million years after the Sun was born. You might be wondering why we are discussing the birth of these celestial bodies, but the answer to the question we are discussing is hidden behind the origin of these planets.

Explained: How Jupiter Helped Earth in Becoming A Habitable Planet?

Actually, the early birth of Jupiter helped earth grow, a nice phenomenon that allowed living beings to survive. With a much larger size than earth Jupiter protects Earth from various space difficulties such as aetroids, cosmic radiations, etc.

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Some scientists also believe that if Jupiter slightly shuffles its orbit, it would benefit Earth’s habitable qualities. Anyhow, will the big gas giant change its orbit in the future or not or will it really help Earth to become a better planet or not? Who knows but one thing that we know is that we should thank Jupiter for helping Earth become a planet with habitat.

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