Justice Served To Old Rajasthan Man Whose Turban Was Removed By A Group Of Four People In A Violent Incident

Justice Served To Old Rajasthan Man Whose Turban Was Removed By A Group Of Four People In A Violent Incident

Few days ago, a clip of utmost cruelty from the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, went viral on social media. An old-aged man was seen being beaten by a group of four people. The attack was so barbaric that the mob even removed the victim’s turban. In Sikh Religion, the Turban is seen as a symbol of pride and removing it is considered to be highly disrespectful. Indian Politician and a member of the Shiromani Akali Dal, Manjinder Singh Sirsa also tweeted about the issue.

As soon as the video went viral, popular social worker, Amritpal Singh Mehron, who is a member of the famous ‘Kaum De Rakhe’ group rushed to the victim’s help. Recently, he updated the public on the issue by a post on his official Instagram account. The members of the mob who beat the old-aged man have been identified and legal proceedings have begun against them.

They were summoned at the Jaipur Police Station, where Amritpal ensured that the people who removed the old-man’s turban, tied it back at the Police Station. The old-man got his pride back, from the same people who took it from him. In the video uploaded by Amritpal Mehron, all the people involved in the barbaric beating were seen apologizing to the old-man. They were constantly touching his legs and feet to apologize for what they had done.

To ensure justice, Amritpal Singh Mehron also asked the C.O. Sandip Sarsawat to take all the necessary legal actions against the accused. In a video where Amritpal has a chat with C.O. Sandip Sarsawat, the Police Officer mentions that Section 295 of the Indian Penal Code will be imposed against the accused for hurting religious sentiments of the Sikh Religion by removing and disrespecting the turban. 

Amritpal also informed the public that this case won’t settle at any compromises or apologies. Justice will be ensured and the committers of the crime will be put behind the bars by imposing non bailable Sections against them. 


Amritpal Singh Mehron has previously, too, been involved in serving justice and extending help to many in need. Recently, his issue with the popular Punjabi Youtuber Producer Dxx also went viral. Producer Dxx was beaten by Amritpal and his team at his own village and near his own house, for making vulgar content. A video of the beating even surfaced on the internet. Later, Amritpal and the other Nihang Singhs surrendered themselves to the Dhanaula Police. 

Punjabi Youtuber Producer Dxx Beaten Publicly By Nihang Singhs For Making Misleading And Vulgar Videos

Producer Dxx has been seen making many allegations against Amritpal in his recent videos, but Amritpal has completely denied all of them and challenged Producer to prove them with evidence. It is to see how the case , that has now turned into a legal fight, between the two concludes. 

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