Kanwar Grewal’s ‘Ailaan’ Taken Down From Youtube Due To Legal Complaint

The biggest democracy in the world is on an exhibition of true democracy. Thousands of people not happy with the three agricultural laws enacted by the central government, are on the roads of the capital city of Delhi, exercising their right to dissent or protest. But the protest has been facing many problems since the day farmer’s conducted the Delhi march on 26 november, 2020.

Hours after the blow to Himmat Sandhu’s “Asi vaddange”, Kanwar Grewal joined the list. The sufi singer’s “Ailaan” has been removed from youtube in many countries. The reason mentioned is the same as that mentioned in “Asi vaddange”, a legal complaint by the government.

The song was released by the singer 3 months ago and had garnished 6 million views. It was a song dedicated to the ongoing farmer’s protest in the country. “Asi vaddange” had also fallen prey to the government’s hands. Both the songs did not contain anything that might break youtube’s guidelines. 

The central government’s stance has so far been ignorant and stubborn on the issue. The police have been trying to stop vehicles from entering Delhi, arresting protesters and journalists and now, removing important songs related to the protest.

Article by: Gautam

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