After Sidhu Moosewala’s SYL, Now Kanwar Grewal’s ‘Rihai’ Removed From Youtube

Kanwar Grewal’s song ‘Rihai’ has been removed from Youtube. Upon opening the song on Youtube, it says that the content has been removed from Youtube over a legal complaint by the government. This is not the first time we’ve seen this happening with a Punjabi song.

In his song Rihai, Kanwar Grewal attempts to raise awareness regarding various social issues important for the Sikh Community. It mainly focuses on Sikh Prisoners and the main line of the song “Asi Bandi Singh’aan Di Rihai Mang Rahe Haan”, demands the release of Sikh Prisoners.

It is not the first time we’re witnessing this. Few weeks ago, the late singer Sidhu Moosewala’s ‘SYL’ was banned in a similar way. The song also talked about Sikh Prisoners along with its various other subjects. It was also removed from Youtube just a few days after the release. The reason behind the removal was again a legal complaint by the government.

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The Sikh Community has been very vocal about the removal of SYL and Rihai on social media. The community is completely against the removal of such songs from Youtube and demand an unban on the platform.

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