From Exercises To Diet Plan: Here Are Secrets To Kapil Sharma’s Weight Loss!

India’s most popular, successful and loved comedian Kapil Sharma is finally back with another season of his much-loved comedy chat show The Kapil Sharma Show. And what grabbed everyone’s attention this time is Kapil’s new and transformed look. 

He teased his fans with a glimpse of his looks by sharing some pictures on his Instagram. In the caption, Kapil wrote, ‘New Season, New Look’.

Immediately after Kapil dropped the pictures on social media, he grabbed everyone’s attention and made news headlines. Everyone talked about his weight loss which was obviously visible. And if you are willing to know how Kapil shed all the extra kilos, this article will spill the beans for you. 

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As per the report in Times Now, Kapil Sharma loves doing Yoga and Cycling for cardio. He is an early riser and in his various interviews he opened up about his love for cycling, which he does every day. Kapil also does weight training for about 20 minutes every day. He also had to quit alcohol and smoking as he wanted to stay fit.

Kapil says he follows a healthy, balanced diet that provides all the required nourishment for keeping fit. He avoids junk food and desserts, despite having a sweet tooth.

Apart from adding proper exercises and cardio to his fitness routine, he has also changed his eating and dietary habits to lose and maintain weight. 

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Kapil’s daily diet includes the consumption of simple home-cooked meals along with fruits and low-fat dairy. For the breakfast, Kapil likes to eat an egg salad daily along with a brown bread sandwich. He tops it with a glass of milk or strawberry juice. Post breakfast, he also indulges in seasonal fruits, with apples being his favorite.

For lunch, Kapil loves broccoli and he likes to incorporate it every day. He takes a simple, home-cooked lunch even when he is shooting. And when it comes to dinner, Kapil eats light, easily-digestible foods like steamed or boiled vegetables along with brown rice.

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There is no magic stick behind Kapil Sharma’s massive weight loss, but it is all hard work and dedication. He followed his workout routine and counted the calories. Weight loss is not difficult if you are willing to be disciplined and consistent.

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