Karan Aujla Released The Track List Of The Album BacTHAfu*UP

The fans of Karan Aujla must be really excited as their favourite Karan Aujla has finally released the official tracklist of his upcoming album BacTHAfu*UP.  This album of Aujla is extremely awaited and has made the fans really very excited.

Karan Aujla took it to his Instagram account, where he shared the track list poster of the upcoming album. His announcement revealed BacTHAfu*UP will include a total of 13 tracks. And the names of each one of them is mentioned below;

  1. Intro
  2. Here & There (ਇਥੇ ਉਥੇ) 
  3. Addi Sunni (ਅੱਡੀ ਸੂਨੀ)
  4. Boli (Guns Up)
  5. Click That B Kickin It (ਯਾਰ ਜੱਟ ਦੇ)
  6. It Anti Legal
  7. Ford (Loud AF)
  8. Chu Gon Do?
  9. Feel The Flava (Itz All Good)
  10. Sharab
  11. It’z A Hustle (ਜੂਆ) 
  12. 80 Degrees
  13. Ask About Me (ਜੱਦ ਮਰਜ਼ੀ ਜਿੱਥੇ ਮਰਜ਼ੀ)

With this, he also revealed that the music for his album is given by Tru-Skool. Aujla’s album will also feature Harjit Harman, 5 Rivers, Nave Suave, Gurlez Akhtar & Amaal. 

The first video of BacTHAfu*UP will be released on 8th July and the other videos are yet to be announced. Also, the details of the release dates aren’t revealed for now.

The fans have set their eyes on his upcoming releases and we are sure this is the biggest news for the Aujla fans today.

We personally are very eager to witness this awaited album, let us know how excited you are?

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