Karan Aujla Shares The First Motion Poster Of His Debut EP ‘Way Ahead’

There is no doubt in the fact that Karan Aujla has never failed to entertain his fans and serve them with exactly what they have been longing for. He has recently released the song ‘YKWIM’, and fans are really drooling over it. While the audience is not over the song, Karan Aujla has dropped a big surprise at the end of the video. In the video, he announced about his upcoming EP ‘Way Ahead’.

And today, he has treated the fans with the first motion poster of his upcoming EP ‘Way Ahead’. We can see that a transparent glass box has been swirling over the statue’s head which probably indicates that something is going on in his mind which he will take out through his songs. 


The motion poster has created anticipation among audiences. Though the release date and other information regarding the probable collaborations, titles of songs are yet to be disclosed. But this motion poster is no less than good news for his fans. The fans are showing their level of excitement in the comment section of Karan’s post. 

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Karan Aujla geared up to take over Youtube by dropping his debut EP and will surely hook the audience soon with the same. Till then fans are only left to wait for more and expect the artist to reveal more information soon. 

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