After “It Ain’t Legal” Karan Aujla Ready To Release Another Video From Album BTFU

Karan Aujla Soon Releasing Another Video From Album BTFU, Shares By Director Rupan Bal

Karan Aujla is one of the most famous Punjabi singers and songwriters. He has recently been talk of the town with his debut album BacThafu*UP. The singer has so far released the video of five songs out of 12 from the album which garnered ample of love and positive response from the audience. He has been collaborating with Rupan Bal for the video of the songs. Rupan is also a prolific video director of Punjabi industry.

Interestingly, Rupan has stopped the hint that Karan Aujla will soon be releasing another video from the album. Though it’s still unclear which video song will be released, only this clue has raised the bars of excitement among the fans, the same we can see at Rupan’s Instagram comment section.

Here’s the post shared by Rupan Bal where he wrote, “Working to entertain the world.  Guess the next song?”

The director has been teasing the fans about his upcoming video with a BTS glimpse. Also, Karan Aujla recently released a song titled “It  Ain’t Legal” and it became an instant hit. As a result, now the fans are even more hyped for the release of another banger. Until the solid information comes out, we can only make guesses about this upcoming number.

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