Kulbir Jhinjer’s Parents Never Wanted Him To Be A Singer, These Industry Friends Gave A Push To Him

Getting into the music field is difficult but more difficult is to maintain once you step in. Kulbir Jhinjer is one of such artists in the current time, who are so underrated and amazing to hear without any doubt. But it was not that easy for Jhinjer to enter into the music industry as he, at the initial time, did not have much of the support behind his back. 

Kulbir Jhinjer who has given superhit songs like Duniya, Classroom, Vehli Janta and more to the audience wouldn’t be heard if he wouldn’t have been pushed by his friends to do it. Kulbir Jhinjer, in an old interview, revealed that his parents did not support him to be in the field of singing. “I did not learn music, neither my parents had enough money to let me get trained in it nor did they want me to get into this field. However, it is very important for singers to get proper pre-training.” 


“When I did MBA in 2010, my parents wanted me to do a job and settle but I was too stubborn and wanted to enter into the music industry and release a tape. My college friends supported me financially as well as stood up with me in my decision. If they were short of money then they wouldn’t tell me.” added Jhinjer. 

One among those friends of Kulbir Jhinjer was Tarsem Jassar. The very popular and stylish Punjabi singer, Tarsem Jassar has been the support system for Kulbir Jhinjer since the beginning. Tarsem and other friends of his supported him in his initial days while Gippy Grewal is one such person who later cheered up Kulbir. Gippy Grewal always supported Kulbir Jhinjer after he entered into the industry. 


Tarsem Jassar and Gippy Grewal were some of his friends because of who he is today. He also recalled and credited that if Tarsem wouldn’t be his friend then he wouldn’t have been singing today. 

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Friends do play an important role in people’s lives but sometimes they become the biggest support system and what could be the best example then Kulbir’s realistic story from his initial days of his career. 

Today we love the artist and his art without any shadow of uncertainty and are waiting for him to give more from his pen to the audience. 

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