Lehmber Hussainpuri’s Family Is Finally Reunited As The Dispute Is Now Resolved

The fans of Lehmber Hussainpuri must be really happy as his family has finally reunited. 

He recently got involved in a dispute with his family in which his wife, three children and sister-in-law were involved. As per the allegations, it was a case of domestic violence as he raised questions on the character of his wife. Everything that happened was shared live on Facebook. 

If you aren’t updated about the matter yet, you can check out the detailed story here;

Lehmber Hussainpuri Lands In Trouble, Accused Of Domestic Violence With Family

But now it looks like everything has settled in place once again and family disputes have been resolved and the family is together once again.

Manisha Gulati, the chairperson of Women’s Commission had a counseling session with the family which ended up bringing positive results. She helped the family to settle down the disputes. 

She has ordered that they should avoid meeting with their relatives as well. 

She also shared pictures of the family in which Lehmber Hussainpuri and his wife are seen hugging each other.

She wrote,

“Lehmber Hussainpuri who lives in Deol Nagar was accused of assault by his wife, children and sister-in-law. Today I am very happy to share with you all that Lehmber Hussainpuri  and his wife have been reconciled by the Commission. At the same time, in view of the interference of relatives in their family, both have been asked to stay away from relatives. May God keep this family happy and cheerful always. My blessings are always with you both.”

Manisha also shared a live video on her Facebook page in which she is seen addressing the media in a press conference and talking about the matter and final decisions.


The fans are extremely happy and the news has been circulating all over social media. 

We are happy that a family has finally reunited because it’s all that matters in the end. 

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