Main Te Bapu Movie Review: Situational Comedy Entertains Fans But With An Average Screenplay

StarcastParmish Verma, Satish Verma,
Sukhwinder Chahal, Sanjeeda Shaikh and more
DirectorUday Pratap Singh
Kiddaan Rating

All the Parmish fans had fixed their eyes on releasing his new movie Main Te Bapu, and the film is finally in theaters.  The film stars Parmish Verma, Dr. Satish Verma, Sukhwinder Chahal, Sanjeeda Shaikh and many other actors in supporting roles. As expressed through the trailer and already released songs of the film, Main Te Bapu is the story of a father and son who seems to be really keen to get married. 

Beginning with the storyline, in the film Parmish plays the son who is in love with a girl whose parents wish Parmish to settle in Canada with them after the wedding. On the other hand, Satish Verma plays his father who is a single parent and dedicated 25 years of his life solely to the upbringing of his son. And the blind in love son tries his best to force his father to get married, so that he could make his way to Canada as well. 

Though in the beginning the old man clearly refuses to get married again at this age, he somehow falls in love and agrees. But then comes the twist, as the girl’s family is against the marriage of the boy’s father. And this leads Parmish to try every possible thing to convince his father once again to drop the idea of getting married. Both Parmish and Satish Verma are two men in love, and will go to any extent to make their relationship successful. And in this mission, you’ll be served with some crazily funny dialogues, melodrama, emotions and more twists. 

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Now coming to the acting and performance of the team, Parmish and Satish Verma, who are real and also turned out to be a reel-life father-son duo in this film sparkle their cool chemistry on screen. Though we feel there were some points where the lead Parmish was not acting but overacting, when it comes to Satish Verma, it was hard to believe that he hasn’t acted in any films before. Apart from these two, Sukhwinder Chahal was the man who really outshined every other character. He played Parmish’s uncle in the film, and his character sure was impactful and entertaining as well. Writing of the very beautiful Sanjeeda Shaikh, she undoubtedly stole hearts every time she was on screen. But unfortunately, she wasn’t given much screen space.  

When the title and theme of the film were revealed, the one thing that we expected from it was a good balance of emotions and comedy. It indeed justified the comedy part, because the situational comedy in the film really tickled the audience inside the theater hall. But! The Emotions? It looked like the makers blindly ignored focusing on the emotional perspective as no sentimental scene in the film was justified and satisfactory. 

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To us, it seems like the film maintained a good balance between impressing and disappointing us too. Because in one moment it makes you appreciate it, and in the other one, you are no more interested in what’s going on. Like, one other thing that makes the film become weak is the abrupt and unconvincing character development. We truly loved the concept and theme of the film, but the makers needed to put more effort into its execution. In the film, Dr. Satish Verma’s character is introduced as someone who is wise, respected and a man whom no one wants to argue with. But as the plot heads, he suddenly becomes someone who is dominated by what his son and people say, which surely made us raise an eyebrow. The director, Uday Pratap Singh has failed to bring something out of the box to the screens, as the directions seemed too average. 

Before concluding, let’s briefly revise all that was the good and bad in the film. So starting with what made the film stand out, it was its unique concept, the casting of father-son duo Parmish Verma and Satish Verma in respective roles, Sukhwinder Chahal’s amazing performance and dialogues delivery and not to exclude the social message they have tried to spread through the film. All these make the movie a good watch experience.

But, for the makers, what they could have done to make the film stand out beautifully was a better screenplay. It was not a bit, but super loose. Also, we felt like the film lacked emotions, or it failed to express them in the right way. The unnecessary and forced comedy seconds after an emotional scene was really not required.

So, we hope this review has helped you to have a clear idea about what you’re going to experience inside the halls. If you’re a fan of Parmish Verma and have adored his acting before, this film is a must-watch for you. And if you are looking for a good entertainer to help you pass the boring weekend, you can surely give this film a try. Check out the film’s trailer here,

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