Mia Khalifa Enjoyed Indian Food & Tweets With Amanda Cerny, Rupi Kaur & Jagmeet Singh

Mia Khalifa and Amanda Cerny are currently trending in India after they tweeted about the ongoing Farmers Protest. People trolled them and claimed that they got paid for their tweets.

In response to this, Mia had a beautiful way to reply to all the trolls. She got into an online conversation with Amenda Cerni, Rupi Kaur and Jagmeet Singh on Twitter. Not only they shared sarcastic tweets about getting paid for tweeting in favor of the protesting farmers. Rupi Kaur tweeted and said that, ‘Dinner is on me’, while Jagmeet Singh said, ‘The dessert is on me’. And Mia Khalifa shared the video of the entire meal on her twitter account. While enjoying the Indian Meal and dessert, Mia said that this is all she had got for tweeting in favor of the farmers. She also said that she can be sold for Samosas.


In the caption, Mia wrote,

“Thank you @rupikaur_ for this beautifully harvested feast, and thank you @theJagmeetSingh for the Gulab!!! I’m always worried I’ll get too full for dessert, so I eat it during a meal. You know what they say, one Gulab a day keeps the fascism away! #FarmersProtests”

She also thanked the farmers for the meal in another post as she wrote, “Shoutout to the farmers 👩🏽‍🌾”

There was a lot more in the conversation among the all i.e. Mia Khalifa, Amanda Cerny, Rupi Kaur and Jagmeet Singh. And you can check out the sequence of tweets below.

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