Neeru Bajwa Compares Punjabi Industry With Hollywood. Says, ‘Our Industry Is Men-Centred’

Neeru Bajwa is definitely among those actors who are ruling the Punjabi movie industry currently. Not only just Pollywood she has shined out in Bollywood and now in Hollywood too. The debut Hollywood movie of Neeru Bajwa named ‘Christmas Time Is Here’ was very well taken by the audience. 

Neeru has worked in Hollywood recently and she has something to share related to the same. When asked about her experience working in a different industry, the actress was very clear by saying that everything is the same in both industries, because the shooting process and the fundamentals of film making are identical to what we do in Pollywood.  

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Further, when asked about any major or minor differences, both industries have in functioning and other stuff then she said there are no such differences. “The major and only difference is the ‘Ego’. In Hollywood there is no Ego problem but if I talk about our Pollywood industry then self-esteem, here is high. Punjabi industry is more men-centric in working ways.”, said Neeru.

She added that she has come a long way, that is why she has now started getting more importance in the movies. “Makers wanted to drop the idea of Laung Laachi as I was pregnant. I have done a good amount of work and I have had to struggle a lot to get to that point where I have strong roles in Punjabi movies now. It is now, after a lot of effort, when I could do any film which has an equal role as of a man in the movies”. 

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She believes that Punjabi industry is still Male-dominating and this problem is not faced by anyone in Hollywood and this is what makes it quite different from Pollywood. Apart from this Neeru had nothing to mention in the terms of differences and proudly says that she has earned a name in Pollywood industry and that is why she was able to enter Hollywood. 

There is no doubt in believing that this versatile actress has proved herself very amazingly in the industries she has worked in and is still making everyone proud by reaching greater heights. 

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