Nidarr Movie Review: Father-Son Duo Shine In The Patriotic Action Thriller

Star CastRaghav Rishi, Mukesh Rishi, Kulnoor Brar, Vindu Dara Singh, Vikramjeet Virk, Sardar Sohi
DirectorMandeep Chaahal
Kiddaan Rating

Nidarr, a new Punjabi movie starring the father-son duo of Mukesh Rishi and Raghav Rishi hits the silver screen today. With the launch of its trailer the movie promised to deliver an unconventional action and thrill to the audience. We have watched the movie and penned this Nidarr movie review to let you know if this movie really fulfills its promises.

Since the day it’s trailer was launched, fans were waiting for the release of this action packed spy-thriller. The movie is helmed by Mandeep Chaahal, while the story is written by Marukh Mirza Beig. Apart from Raghav and Mukesh Rishi the movie also stars Kulnoor Brar, Vindu Dara Singh and Vikramjeet Virk in pivotal roles. Read this Nidarr movie review to know what this movie has to offer.


Let’s begin our Nidarr movie review with the story of the movie. As the trailer of the movie already hinted that Nidarr is a spy thriller that deals with patriotism. In the movie, Baltej Singh (Mukesh Rishi) leads a mission against a terrorist group of Pakistan & sends his own son Sangram Singh (Raghav Rishi) for the same. Sangram crosses borders and limits to save his country from serial blasts. But will Raghav & his team be able to foil the plans of the enemies of the country? To know the answer you need to watch the movie.

We find the story of the movie gripping but it doesn’t serve something new. Yet, the screenplay & some sudden twists makes the movie a lot more exciting. The interval and the climax of the movie were the high points that didn’t disappoint anyone at all. So overall, the story of the movie is not unique but it still manages to make the audience sit towards the end.

Acting & Performances

After the story, now it is the time to discuss the performances of the movie. Let’s talk about the debutant Raghav Rishi first, who was very impressive in his first project. He gave his 100% for his role of Sangram Singh. He was very good at action sequences, while at the dialogue delivery he needed to work a little more. Apart from that he did a good job.

Mukesh Rishi, the legendary villain of Bollywood movies has once again stepped into Punjabi cinema and what one could say about his acting. Mukesh Rishi was too good in his role and probably the best thing about the movie.

Vikramjeet Virk is one actor in the film that impressed us the most despite a short screen time. Apart from that Vindu Dara Singh, Kulnoor Brar, Sardar Sohi and others have also done a rather decent work.

Direction & Writing

Despite some loopholes in the movie’s direction, Mandeep Chaahal has pulled off a commendable job. Mandeep gave a nice space and freedom to the debutant Raghav and other actors in the film that helped the film to maintain the audacity of the film. Yes, we also felt that the makers could have worked more on the length and story of the film. Other than that no marks can be deducted from the direction part of the film.

In terms of writing, Murakh Mirza Beig wrote a nice story that promises to entertain the audiences but it does lack some uniqueness. Screenplay was very good at some times, while at some it flattered badly.

Music & Dialogues

Movie’s songs are average. Apart from Daule by Daler Mehandi, no other song is impressive enough. The BGM of the film is brilliant, especially at the action sequences. The film’s dialogues are also average and apart from a few shayaris delivered by Vindu Dara Singh, none of the dialogues were impressive enough to be remembered.


Concluding this Nidarr movie review with our final words for the film. So, Nidarr is a good entertainer that gives you a sense of patriotism in the cinema hall but this film doesn’t offer you something that you haven’t seen before. Team Kiddaan rates Nidarr 3.5 stars out of 5. The deduction in the rating is only due to an average story and lack of uniqueness. However, this movie definitely deserves your view for the kind of action it brought to Punjabi cinema. And if you are a fan of the iconic Bollywood villain – Bulla, do watch this movie. Just visit a nearby theater, book your tickets, grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy this brave patriotic spy thriller.

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