Nimrat Is A Huge Fan Of A Legendary Celebrity

Sweetest and the most adorable Nimrat Khaira, rules the industry with her humbleness. She is a versatile actress and an amazing singer. Her persona is distinguished and it’s safe to say that Who isn’t a Nimrat’s Fan? But aren’t you excited to know which celebrity is Nimrat Khaira fan of?

It is none other than our all-time favourite legendary celebrity, Diljit Dosanjh. His personality wins everyone’s hearts but little did we know that it has made even Nimrat Khaira a huge Diljit Dosanjh fan and who wouldn’t love him for the person he is.

In an interview, Nimrat Khaira’s manager spoke about how big of a Diljit’s fan she is. He shared that Nimrat always had a dream to meet Diljit and work with him. Even though his manager was Diljit’s friend and they used to catch up, Nimrat never asked him even for an introduction.

After meeting Diljit on the sets of their movie ‘Jodi’ for the first time, Nimrat shared with her manager how she is such a big fan and always wanted to work with him and now with the hard work, she has finally met him on the sets of their first movie together. We are all proud of the stage Nimrat has reached in our life and has become an inspiration for all of us.

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