No Grey Hairs: Shave Head If Weak Hair Growth: Air India’s New Rules For Cabin Crew!

Regarding the updated image and uniform specifications, Tata-owned Air India released a circular that spans more than 40 pages and clearly outlines the requirements for both male and female crew members. The most recent grooming standards set by Air India for all of its crew members mandate daily shaving and hair gel use for the men. 

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The female crew members of Tata-owned Air India have been instructed to strictly abide by the most recent uniform regulations, which forbid the wearing of aprons. Especially, in terms of makeup, foundation and concealers that match the skin tone are required, and makeup must be applied correctly. Likewise, the male crew has been strictly instructed that no grey hairs are allowed and in case of receding hairline or hairfall, they have to shave their head! 

Additionally, the black uniform jackets have been made compulsory, and personal tie pins have not beeb allowed. The guidelines read: 

“Hair gel usage is mandatory. Male crew must maintain a clean-shaved or bald appearance if they have deep receding hairlines or balding patches. In such cases, their heads must be shaven everyday and there should be no crew cuts. There is no room for grey hair, regular natural colouring of grey hair is required.” 

However, heena and fashion colours are prohibited. Rings: Men are only permitted to wear one ring with a wedding band design. There can only be one Sikh Kada worn at a time, and it must be made entirely of gold or silver with no designs, brands, or stones. (No wristbands).

Similarly, the female crew members of Air India have been instructed to closely adhere to the most recent uniform requirements. As per the new circular: “The apron should not be used. Additionally, the black blazer with Indo-Western attire has also been discontinued and not permitted on board. Also, while wearing a saree or an Indo Western uniform, calf-length stockings that are sheer and match the skin tone are required for flight duties.”

Furthermore, as stated in the guidelines, “On LH and ULH flights all year long, the company-issued black cardigan may be worn during boarding, deplaning, and quiet periods in flight (only during the winter months). Never put on a cardigan over a waistcoat. During service, cardigans are not permitted.”

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