NseeB Reacts to Backlash After his Comments on Turban in Recent Interview; Watch Video

NseeB has recently been the talk of the town, mainly due to an interview. The interview has been widely circulated all over social media in clips and by now, almost all of us have at least seen the important bits of the interview. NseeB had to face the wrath of the fans and he also got indulged in controversies with various youtubers due to the interview.

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Recently, NseeB came live for the first time on his Instagram handle, and broke silence regarding the interview. He addressed the backlash that he was facing for comments made regarding turban. He said that his comments are being portrayed in a way different than what he meant.

NseeB said that there was a time in Punjab when families used to prefer guys without turbans for their daughters. However, this trend changed. He gave examples of turban-wearing artists like Diljit Dosanjh, Tarsem Jassar and Sidhu Moosewala, who took turban to a global level and proved to the world that owing to their talent, they can achieve anything even with a turban.

NseeB then addressed his statement made regarding turban in the interview. He had said that the turban gets you girls, money and fame. This was the part that raged the sikh community all over the world. NseeB said that by this statement he only meant that the young children who are planning to get their hair cut, should not. If they got talent and work hard for their goals, they can achieve anything.

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NseeB added that there has always been a trend where Punjabi youth who move to foreign countries immediately get their hair cut. He said that he wanted to curb that notion in their minds. In addition to all this, he also talked about racism that he faced due to him being a turban-wearer in foreign countries.

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