Preet Harpal And Amrit Maan Asked For An Apology From Fans. Here Is Why

They say the customer is the king of the market hence it’s important to keep them happy. But it looks like Preet Harpal and Amrit Maan forgot about this thumb rule that’s why they landed in some serious trouble.

Preet Harpal is facing the aggression of the fans as recently he collaborated with JioSaavn and shared a video promoting the same. The fans didn’t like this as they are boycotting Reliance & Jio to support the ongoing Farmers Protest in India.

Though he deleted the video afterward and issued a public apology, the public is letting what happened to go unnoticed.

He posted a picture of himself and in the caption he wrote, “Ssa guys. I didn’t know jiosavan and jio is same compny so I made small a small video for star crew records coz this song released on this label so I apologise if any one hurt with this activity .and I didn’t even post on my any social site. I hope you guys ll understand. Thanks

Always stand with #kisanektazindabaad”

He shared another post (now deleted), which said that he has asked the makers to delete the link of JioSaavn from the description of his song.

Other than Preet Harpal, Amrit Maan is also receiving backlash from fans as he is another Punjabi Artist who has collaborated with Jio. He also shared his side of the story about this on his Instagram story.

It looks like the fans are in no mood to ignore such actions. Preet Harpal might have simply said that he didn’t know Jio and JioSaavn are the same, but we must say, ‘Yeh Public Hai, Sab Jaanti Hai’.

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