Ranjit Bawa Blamed For Judging Women From Their Lipstick, Why Is The Audience Upset?

Ranjit Bawa, who has always been known for singing bold yet controversial songs, has again landed himself in a controversy. This time, it is his latest song Pehchan that has touched that nerve of the audience. The song has Ranjit Bawa’s vocals and has been penned down by Jaskaran Riarr. Yeah Proof has produced the music for the song.

The song has become a centre of public criticism and heavily from the female side. A line from the song has led to all this controversy. Ranjit Bawa goes on to say, “Lipstick Dass Dindi Soch Teevi Di”, in the song and this hasn’t gone well with a lot of the audience.

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The public has blamed Ranjit Bawa and the lyricist, Jaskaran Rairr, of being judgemental towards females and instilling a judgemental thought among their audience. The artists have been blamed for ‘judging women by the colour of their lipsticks’. There is also a part of the audience that is praising the writing of the song, but this line has still found a way to upset them.

Here are a few comments by the public that is upset with Ranjit and Jaskaran for this specific line:

It is not the first time that Ranjit Bawa has landed himself in trouble with one of his songs. On various occasions, he’s pushed himself into legal troubles and has also been forced to remove some objectionable parts from his songs. And once again, he’s in the middle of public criticism, blamed for being judgemental towards the females and creating a stereotypical image about them.

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