Richa Chadha Chose Wearing A Wig Over Chopping Off Her Hair For Upcoming Movie

Richa Chadha revealed that for her upcoming film Madam Chief Minister she was supposed to get her hair chopped, but due to her wedding plans, she opted to wear a wig for achieving the right look for a political drama film.

Recently, the actress shared several pictures of the wigs she tried on her Instagram and wrote: “There is a cute little anecdote behind why I had to wear a wig. The director ideally wanted me to chop my hair and I was ready for it. He wanted a powerful, fuss-free haircut that suited the character. But it was just around then that the date for our marriage got fixed. I realized I would have a mushroom cut by the time it was April 2020, if I had chopped off my hair for the part. Something I have hated since childhood is the mushroom cut. The director very kindly consented for me to use a wig, these are the various wigs we tried for Madam CM”

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In a recent interview actor Ali Fazal talked about his wedding plan with her girlfriend Richa Chadha “Let’s see when we are able to accept the new normal, then, we will decide on a date, maybe early next year.” Asked if the couple will stick to their original plan of hosting celebrations in three cities, Ali said, “We came up with that plan only so our relatives wouldn’t have to travel. We wanted to tackle each side in their own city.”

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