Sara Gurpal Slams The Trollers Who Dress Shame The Women; Says People With Sick Thinking Must Die’

Actresses have to face a lot of body shaming, racism or dress shaming from the trollers. Most of the time they become the victims. Sometimes they come up with the issue publicly but others they remain quiet. Speaking of dress shaming, recently Sara Gurpal came up with a bold statement and shut the trollers who shamed and judged the girls on their outfit.

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Sara took to social media and wrote, “I’m tired of these nonsense people judging girls on the basis of what she is wearing. Even in the miss universe pageant there’s a swimwear round ! Then how about that?? These girls represent our country on an international level ! Fer sare marr jan?? Apni akh saf rakhlo pehle! Apna dimaag saf rakho !!”. She ends the note by saying ‘People with sick thinking must die’.

Moreover, the idealistic beauty standards of the entertainment industry have made the trolling brutal for the actresses. Along with dealing with their hectic schedules, they have to deal with such trollers too and their insensitive comments. However, the divas prove that they are confident in their bodies and flaunt their imperfections.

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