You’re Mistaken If You Think Sargun Mehta’s Name In Angrej Was Dhann Kaur

Sargun Mehta has become a prominent part of the industry. She is not only extremely talented but has played a major role in the most successful and loved movies in the Punjabi Film Industry. Films like Love Punjab, Lahoriye, Saunkan Saunkne, Surkhi Bindi and more are more than enough to justify our claim. But we can also never forget her stunning debut in Amrinder Gill’s film Angrej. 

She played Dhann Kaur in the film and marked a place for herself in the audience’s hearts. But do you know, Sargun’s name in the film was not actually Dhann Kaur? Yes. it sounds unbelievable because Dhann Kaur is the name that earned the name and fame for Sargun in Pollywood. But actually, when the film was shot, and every dialogue was delivered, Sargun Mehta was addressed as Tejo and not Dhann Kaur. 

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Actually, when the script was first offered to Sargun, her character’s name was indeed Dhann Kaur, and it was later changed to Tejo when the film was shot. In fact, Sargun Mehta’s vanity van also had ‘Tejo’ mentioned on it.

But it was during the dubbing stage of the film when Sargun’s character was renamed and the makers once again made her Dhann Kaur. This story of the name change from the sets of Angrej is really interesting but we feel the name wouldn’t have made any difference to the film. 

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Sargun would have been loved the same way as Tejo as she was loved by Dhann Kaur. After all it was all about her innocent character, and heart-winning performance.

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