Satisfy REVIEW: Sidhu Moosewala & Shooter Kahlon Track ‘Satisfies’ The Audience With Its Excellent Writing

Sidhu Moosewala and Shooter Kahlon’s collaborative track, Satisfy, has finally dropped and we couldn’t have asked for more from this duo! We are completely ‘satisfied’ with the song. Last time the duo came together for a track, they went on to create history. We are not sure if this track will create history or not but it is just as beautiful, meaningful and motivational like the last one, ‘Game’. 

Shooter Kahlon has let out his feelings in this song. He is just as good of a lyricist as he’s a singer. Shooter Kahlon gets on the track in the beginning and it ends with Sidhu’s verses but the quality of both cannot be compared! Sidhu and Shooter have both given everything they’ve got to write this track.

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The lyrics are the soul of this song. The artists narrate their story of life, the hardships they go through, the fun they have, the sorrows of life and yet, they’re satisfied. They thank god for what he’s given to them, whether it’s good or bad times. “Tu Mainu Jo Property Ditti Malkaa

O Paise De Ameer Chaunde Kayi Buy Krni”. This line from Sidhu’s verse will take you back a few days ago, when a radio show host claimed that he would buy Sidhu’s whole property at the moment! 

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Trippy has produced the music of the track and it couldn’t have been any better. It is groovy and will make you vibe with it. It also fits perfectly to the theme and the flow of the song. The music gives the viewer a satisfactory and peaceful feeling and that was the whole motive of the track. 

The music video has been done by Pink Pipe Pictures and is just as beautiful as the track. The shots of Sidhu and Shooter on the motorcycle are really well taken. One sequence from the music video wherein Sidhu Moosewala can be seen standing below a cloth held by some old-aged farmers while it’s raining. The shot makes us remember the times when the old-aged farmers protesting at the country’s capital, Delhi, were taking shelters under their tents during the rainy season. The scenes were heartbreaking to watch and the video takes you back there. 

The video’s end holds yet another beautiful sequence from the song. Sidhu & Shooter celebrate their Diwali with poor kids and order food for them. Feeding someone and making them happy, probably the best Diwali one can ever experience. In short, Sidhu and Shooter have proven once again that this duo will never disappoint. The bars were set really high after ‘Game’ and they have been achieved without any doubt.

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