Shahi Majra Review: Intense Murder Mystery With Excellent Performances Give Us An Experience To Remember

StarcastNikeet Dhillon, Ninja, Sawan Rupowali
DirectorPrem Singh Sidhu
Kiddaan Rating

Shahi Majra, web series starring Sawan Rupowali and Nikeet Dhillon in the lead, has officially been released on Punjabi OTT platform, Chaupal. It also has many strong actors in the supporting roles. The 8-episode long first season is now available to stream on Chaupal. Are you confused about whether you should watch it or not? This Shahi Majra Review will help you in finding out what the series beholds for you.


The story is the best part about Shahi Majra. An 8-episode web series would feel like a burden if it doesn’t have an appealing and suspenseful story but that’s not the case with Shahi Majra. This Shahi Majra Review will give you an insight of the story without any major spoilers.

It revolves around the story of Agam (played by Nikeet Dhillon), a simple and sober village girl who falls prey to the lavish city lifestyle of chandigarh. The series follows her life story and also death. Agam is brutally murdered at her Girl’s PG in Shahi Majra. The area Police gets on-board to solve the complicated murder mystery. 

The story is full of drama, suspense, twists, unexpected turns, entertainment and emotion. It’s a perfect blend of everything that takes to make a brilliant cinematic piece.

Acting & Performances

Another strong part of the series is its cast and their performance in the web series. Nikeet Dhillon is a star! She’s completely nailed her character, first of an innocent village girl and then of a spoiled girl. Sawan Rupowali has also delivered an excellent performance as a cop. 

Ninja, Honey Mattu, Taniya Mahajan, Divjot Kaur, Anchal Rana and all the other characters have also been equally excellent in the whole web series. As far as acting is concerned, Shahi Majra is a total blast.

Dialogues & Writing

The dialogue writing of the series has also been brilliant. There are some strong deep dialogues too. A major problem about some series is that the dialogues start sounding fake at some points. This is not the case with Shahi Majra. All the dialogues are excellent and do not sound fake at any point.


Overall, Shahi Majra Review concludes by asserting that Shahi Majra is one of the best Punjabi web series we have seen till date. The murder mystery is closely bound with its story and the acting performances have been nothing less than excellent. Good art needs to be supported and Shahi Majra is that good art.

Haven’t watched the Shahi Majra trailer yet, here it is, check it out.

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