‘Shame On Emiway’ Trends On Twitter After Machayenge 4 Disstrack For Krsna. Read To Know Why

The Indian Hip-hop is witnessing one of its dirtiest ever beefs as Kr$na and Emiway Bantai break all the limits to put each other down in their tracks. The beef is not new for the audience but brings something new with each diss track.

On 8 July, Kr$na released ‘Machayenge 4’ as a diss track for his rival Emiway Bantai. It was in response to Emiway’s diss track ‘KR L$da Sign’. The diss track did not go well with Emiway Bantai, his fans and Swaalina. The track had many indirect references and disrespectful remarks for Emiway Bantai’s close friend, Swaalina.

Swaalina is famous as an actress in the Punjabi Music & Movie Industry too. She was the female lead in Jass Manak’s mega-hit song ‘Prada’ and also appeared alongside Jayy Randhawa in the movie ‘Shooter’. 

After Kr$na’s track, Emiway Bantai announced a diss track in reply to Machayenge 4. Emiway Bantai’s track was also called Machayenge 4. The track was released on 12 July at around midnight on Emiway Bantai’s official Youtube Channel.

Emiway Bantai said in the track that Kr$na disrespected his friend, and as a reply, he was going to disrespect his mother. Emiway Bantai’s track made several disrespectful remarks about Kr$na’s mother. Soon after the track was released, ‘#ShameOnEmiway’ started trending on Twitter.

Kr$na’s fanbase, who recognizes itself as ‘Awaam’, started tweeting in lots using the hashtag Shame On Emiway and lashing out at him for using such language for Kr$na’s mother. Emiway’s fanbase, Bantai Ki Public, argued that it was Kr$na who first disrespected Swaalina and Emiway only replied to him.


The beef is years old and has gained ignition once again. For the past few months, Kr$na and Emiway have again started a series of diss tracks targeting each other and now, it is no longer limited to just them. Both artists have started involving each other’s friends, fellow artists and families. Many hip-hop fans defining themselves as ‘neutral’ call for an immediate end to the beef for the reason its turning out to be too dirty.

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