Shree Brar Was On The Verge Of Commiting Suicide During The Time Of Lockdown. The Reason Is Here

Everybody is well aware of the fact that the fame and name that singers & other mainstream artists get is way more extra than what behind the camera people or the writers get. Furthermore, the income of the singers, music directors and writers is much lower than the music and production companies. 

Shree Brar, a singer, composer and writer, is very well known for his songs like ‘Bhabi’ by Mankirt Aulakh, ‘Jaan’ by Barbie Maan and more. He has emerged himself first as a writer and then a singer. Further he kept everyone on their toes by releasing the amazing tracks on the historical farmers’ protest, Kisaan Anthem & Kisaan Anthem 2. Recently, Shree Brar revealed an incident related to him which is quite heart-rending. 

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In a recent IG live session, Shree Brar revealed that he was on the verge of committing suicide at the time of locdown during COVID. And the reason being that he was going through a tough time in the industry, even after being a writer. He opened up about the condition of a writer and a composer in the Pollywood industry. 

“The Punjabi industry does a business of over 700 Crores per year but the singers, writers and musicians only get one third of that amount, the remaining amount goes to the music companies later. Being a singer and writer I am very well aware of what efforts are put in a song to make a hit and when we do not get the equal revenue as that of the companies then it is hard to survive.”, said Shree Brar. 

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Further he added that because of the partiality and the lack of money, he was almost on the edge to commiting suicide but something striked him suddenly and he decided to not take the step, rather fight for the rights and not to quit so easily. He Shree also said that he has talked to his fellow musical friends for the same and will also have a meetup with famous writer Gulzaar related to this situation very soon. “Not only me, many other writers and composers develop suicidal thoughts and writers like Deepu Kakowali, lyricist of the songs Thokar and Teri Yaad had even ended their life for this reason”, added Shree.

Shree Brar definitely took a bold step by backing from taking the suicidal move and this was the reason, now we have these many hit songs and him as a popular face in the industry. Concluding the talk he said, ‘I backed from committing the suicide and that is why you guys have got to listen amazing songs like ‘Vail’, ‘Bhabi’, ‘8 Raflaan’ and more.’ And we are definitely thankful to the artist for making a thought and backing off from the move. 

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