From Prostitution To Suicide, Indian Students Are About To Face Many Challenges In Canada: Experts

IMG Source: Youth-Time

Upliftment of the almost-a-year ban on Indian flights to Canada has led to Canada registering a record intake from the Indian side. On their arrival, the students are being made familiar with the challenges that they are going to face in this foreign land. A leading immigration lawyer and various charity groups are warning the students of the problems of suicides, prostitution and many more, existing in Canada.

According to data from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), 156,171 study permits were given to Indian students. The number is almost the double of 2020’s 76,149 study permits. The drop in 2020 can be attributed to the global pandemic of COVID-19. However, this year is showing a big change from last year’s number. Experts speculate that the number is all set to climb up to the top of 174,687 record permits in 2019.

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International students are also a source of about 7-8 billion CAD every year to the Canadian higher educational sector. The dark side of this massive number of students arriving at the Canadian airports from India everyday, are the serious challenges that the students have no idea they’re going to face. 

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Students, thousands of miles away from their families, are very prone to developing mental health issues during their times in Canada. The mental health of international students is a serious issue and it can account for countless reasons. Accommodation, food, travel and other such expenses prove to be a heavy burden on the hard-earning students. In addition to the hefty living expenses, International students are charged three to four times the fees charged to domestic students by the Canadian institutes! 

Canada is very worried about the ‘sort of’ exploitation of international students going on all over the world. That is the main reason, an immigration lawyer and charity groups are spreading awareness regarding the upcoming challenges students are about to face in Canada.

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