Sidhu Moosewala Gets Congress’ MLA Ticket From Mansa Constituency

Sidhu Moosewala has finally got the ticket as the MLA representative for Congress from Mansa Constituency. The seat of Mansa had been a controversial one and now, the party has put an end to all the clashes and controversies! Sidhu Moosewala is Congress’s MLA candidate from Mansa for the Punjab Assembly Elections, 2022.

Since the day Sidhu Moosewala joined Congress and decided to pursue a political career, there had been a question that would always pop up, “Will Sidhu contest elections from Mansa?” Sidhu Moosewala had also been reluctant to share any information surrounding his chances of contesting the elections from Mansa. 

The sudden addition of the artist in the party brought in a lot of disturbance in the party. The Youth Congress President from Mansa, Chuspinderbir Singh Chahal, specifically protested against Sidhu Moosewala as the probable candidate from Mansa. It also gave rise to an in-party political clash between both members.

Chuspinderbir Chahal was of the opinion that other members of the party who have been working day and night and serving the party should be given preference rather than Sidhu, who just joined the party. Sidhu mostly kept quiet on his rumored political clash with the Youth President but he did not completely ignore it and gave a few statements here and there.

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Giving the Mansa ticket to Sidhu Moosewala has put an end to all the probable clashes or controversies arising in the party. It is yet to see how the other members who were opposing giving Sidhu the ticket, react to this.

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