All You Need To Know About Sidhu Moosewala & Chuspinder Singh Rumoured Political Clash

Sidhu Moosewala joined Congress ahead of the 2022 Punjab Assembly Elections and ever since, the public has been speculating that Sidhu Moosewala might get a ticket from the Mansa constituency as an MLA. This has resulted in a rumoured political clash among Sidhu and another prominent Congress Leader, Chuspinder Singh Chahal.

While Sidhu Moosewala is the latest addition to the party, Chuspinder Singh Chahal is an old party leader. The rumoured political clash between them is because of the ticket from the Mansa constituency. Youth Congress President, Chuspinder Singh Chahal has reportedly opposed Sidhu Moosewala as Congress’ candidate from the Mansa constituency and that has not gone well with Sidhu Moosewala.

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However, recently, rumours had been spread all over social media that Chuspinder had finally extended his support to Sidhu Moosewala and put a full stop to their rumoured political clash.

Image shared by various social media accounts.

Now, Chuspinder has come out in public and denied it. He has publicly accepted that all these social media posts stating that I had shown support for Moosewala, are fake.

He recently made various comments on Sidhu Moosewala, to be precise, blames. He blamed Sidhu Moosewala for calling him an addict and publicly defaming him. He also challenged Sidhu Moosewala for a dope test and to prove who is the actual addict!

While the seat of Mansa has been a controversial one for the 2022 elections, the rumoured tussle between Sidhu and Chuspinder have made things worse for Congress.

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Punjab Congress has had an image of in-party conflicts. While nobody has agreed if Sidhu and Chuspinder are actually in a political conflict, there is undoubtedly a fire in there. The latest blames by Chuspinder have surely made things difficult. It is to see how Congress reacts to this rumoured conflict.

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