Sidhu Moosewala Links Up With Money Musik, Collaboration Expected Very Soon

Sidhu Moosewala Links Up With Money Musik, Collaboration Expected Very Soon

A video, uploaded by Canadian Music Producer Money Musik on Instagram, has gone viral on social media and in the Punjabi Music Industry. It shows Punjabi giant Sidhu Moosewala linking up with Canadian producer Money Musik. After watching the video, the audience has every right to believe that Sidhu Moosewala is going to collaborate with the Canadian producer. It shows Sidhu Moosewala flowing on Money Musik’s beat in the studio and if it is an official upcoming track, it is already a banger!

Interestingly, Money Musik asked the fans to drop 10000 comments on the post if they want this banger to be released, and as of now, it has over 11000 comments! If this happens for real, it will be the first ever collaboration among Sidhu Moosewala and Money Musik. From the Punjabi Music Industry, Money Musik has given his music on various occasions and is now all set to collaborate with the biggest name in the Punjabi industry.

Money Musik is a well renowned Canadian music producer, who’s worked with many western hip-hop artists. His real name is Mohkom Singh Bhangal. Another Indo-Canadian western artist, Nav, has also collaborated with Money Musik on various hits and went on to grab top spots on the prestigious Billboard charts.

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A collaboration between this duo is destined to be fiery. The preview is already very viby and has made the audience more excited than ever. We have all been wanting a Sidhu Moosewala collaboration with Money Musik for a long time now and it becoming a reality will be legendary.

Both Sidhu Moosewala and Money Musik are from Toronto and are Punjabis. The similarities between the artists might be seen in their art as well. All we can do is wait for an official announcement regarding the collaboration.

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