Jenny Johall Defends Sidhu Moosewala’s Vaar Amid Controversy For Allegedly Defaming Muslim Prophet

Punjabi singer Jenny Johall has recently stepped in to defend the late Punjabi artist Sidhu Moosewala and his latest song Vaar amid a heated controversy. Sidhu Moosewala’s second posthumous song Vaar released on the occasion of Gurupurab and became an instant hit. It peaked at number one on YouTube’s Worldwide Trending List and has garnered more than 10 million views in just one day of its release. 

But it’s not all glitters, as the song has also been dragged into an ugly controversy. Moosewala’s latest song Vaar has been accused of allegedly defaming Muslim prophet Hazrat Mohammad. Some people on the internet are calling for a ban on the song as they believe Sidhu Mosoewala’s song is defaming the religious Muslim idol. 

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The song, Vaar, narrated the brave story of Hari Singh Nalua and a part of its lyrics include mentions of Afghans, Mohammads and Khans. Have a look at the song’s lyrics here, 

“Afgana De Mana Vich Aidda Dar Siga, Afgana Ne Salwaran Paauniya

Shuru Kar Dittiyan Si, Ke Assi Aurtaan Laggage”

“Ohde Barchhe Muhre Diggde, Ki Muhammad Te Ki Khan Ae

Vairi Foot Foot Pichhe Sitt’da, Jadon Maarda Ik Nishaane”

And since the song got involved in an unwanted and hot controversy, Punjabi singer Jenny Johall has stepped in to defend Sidhu Moosewala. She took it to her Instagram account and shared a story addressing all the fans and the Muslim community. 

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In the story she clarified the fact that Sidhu Moosewala has not defamed Hazrat Mohammad, but in fact, the singer is referring to Dost Khan Mohammad who attacked Hari Singh Nalua’s castle. 

While explaining the same, she wrote, “Dost khan mohammad ne apne 5 puttar te poore mulkhayiye nal Hari singh nalwa de vasaaye hoye jamraud de kile te hamla kita si. Vaar gane vich ose dost khan mohammad te afgana di haar da zikar hai.os vich Hazrat mohammad sahb nu kuj vi galat nahi keha gaya.”

She then, also went on to request the Muslim community not to judge Sidhu wrongly as he never defamed or disgraced any religion or religious idol. “Sidhu ne kade vi kise mazhab di ya kise paigambar di tauheen nhi kiti.muslim community please osde kirdar nu galat na judge karan”, Jenny concluded. 

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For now, no one from Sidhu Moosewala’s family has addressed this controversy. You can listen to Sidhu Moosewala’s second posthumous song Vaar here, 

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