Sidhu Moosewala’s Friends Supply Free Food To Homeless People on His Birthday

There are a lot of ways you can commemorate a birthday, throw a party and invite your friends, you can have a little time for yourself, you can even ignore the whole ordeal, or sometimes your friends throw you a big birthday bash. While celebrities are known for throwing lavish birthday parties, young celeb Shubhdeep Singh aka Sidhu Moodewala’s friends decided to do something a little different this year. They decided to help out the most helpless people in their community especially in the United Kingdom (UK).

As birthdays aren’t always a blast for everyone. For example, young people living in homeless and transitional living facilities might not get anything at all for their special day. That’s why Moosewala’s friends decided to start delivering food to homeless people with the help of some other incredible friends. Their mission is to bring smiles to all humans’ faces on Sidhu’s birthdays.

Punjabi Singer Sidhu Moosewala shared a video on his Instagram, where on the behalf of himself, his friends are helping homeless people by providing free food. In the video, they also express their feelings about Sidhu. They even said Sidhu is the most down-to-earth person, he doesn’t even have tantrums like celebrities, he is punctual and constantly helps everyone.

Because of Sidhu’s great qualities, his love and affection for his friends Sandy Joia, Sam Malhi and Mandeep, they all seize their special time to do this cause. They even started preparing this during his birthday week like printing labels and arranging every important stuff they required. And at the end of the video, everyone wishes him a great birthday ahead. 

About his professional Life, he is releasing the songs from his biggest album ‘Moosetape’ one after the other. It is one of the greatest albums till date which has around 30 songs.

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