Simi Chahal Just Revealed Her Upcoming Project With Tarsem Jassar

Simi Chahal Just Revealed Her Upcoming Project With Tarsem Jassar

Punjabi actress Simi Chahal is the perfect blend of beauty, talents and adorable personality. The actress is known for her acting skills in movies like Bambukat, Rabb Da Radio, Chal Mera Putt and more. She is one such talent who was successful and won millions of hearts with her debut movie.

Hence, her fan following is huge, and her fans keep their eyes set on her upcoming projects. For now, Simi Chahal has directly indicated an upcoming project with Punjabi singer and actor Tarsem Jassar. The pair has already worked together in both the parts of Rabb Da Radio, Rabb Da Radio 2 and Daana Paani. 

The fans are in immense love with their on-screen pair, that’s why a fan asked Simi about the same in Simi’s recent Q&A session on instagram. A fan asked Simi “Tarsem jassar ji nal thoda koi project kado ona ji”. And to this, Simi replied by writing “SOON”.

By the way, Simi and Tarsem were last seen together in Rabb Da Radio 2 , which was released in 2019. And this movie is not only special for the duo, but also for the entire Punjabi Film Industry as it won a National Prize as well. 

Rabb Da Radio 2 Bags The National Award For The Best Punjabi Film

Hence we all are very excited for this unrevealed upcoming project starring both Simi Chahal and Tarsem Jassar. But as long as it is not announced officially, all we can do is make random guesses for now because it can be a song or a feature film as well. 

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