Singers Afsana Khan And Saajz Announced Afsaajz Music Label

Singer Afsana Khan is the leading-lady in the Punjabi music industry. The artist got engaged to Singer Saajz in February this year. Recently, the couple came live on Instagram to have fun with their fans. And on the live session, the couple made some revelations about upcoming projects.

Afsana revealed that she will be coming up with dozens of duets, singles and many other projects soon. Her Fiancé Saajz made another big announcement on camera. The couple will be coming up with their own music company, “Afsaajz Musics” soon.

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Singer Saajz requested his supporters and fans to subscribe to the channel whenever it gets launched. In addition to making such big announcements, they also thanked their fans for always being so supportive and showering their love on their work. The star-couple also requested everyone to keep themselves safe in these times when Coronavirus (COVID-19) is in an alarming state.

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