Sonam Bajwa Replied To A Comment Accusing Her For Not Supporting The Farmers Protest

The ongoing Farmers Protest in India has become the hottest issue of all times. Not only people in India are talking about it, but it’s getting immense support even at international levels. 

But this is also the time when fans and the people are expecting the celebrities to stand by the farmers. Though, many Bollywood, Pollywood and international celebrities and politicians have shown their support for them, there are few who still have not due to various reasons.

Recently an Instagram page for farmers slammed Sonam Bajwa for not supporting the farmers and doing a show at this time when she should be boycotting the industry. They dropped this comment for Sonam’s  Zee Punjabi Show ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’. To this, Sonam didn’t keep quiet and chose to give the commenter a reply.

She wrote,

“what if 2-3 episodes were already shot, contracts done and so much more. It’s so easy for you to point fingers on others. I commend you for the work you are doing  and God bless you for that but have a tender heart and think for a second before you accuse others. Maybe not everyone can justify everything by replying on social media. Give God that part to play to ‘judge others’ HE exactly knows behind the scenes. Also Zee News and Zee Punjabi is a different entity but I know whatever I say won’t make sense to you. So I choose to still bless you and appreciate you for your support to our farmers. And I truly stand by them too now and forever…Love Sonam.”

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