‘Nakal Maar Ke Paas Hoyi’: Sunanda Reveals Her Cheating Tricks During School Days

Sonam Bajwa’s show Dil Diyan Gallan is definitely reaching heights during the release of this new season. Till now it has made headlines for various reasons and quirky statements of various celebrities. And this time, we found some hilarious revelations by Sunanda Sharma worth sharing.

Sunanda recently appeared on Dil Diyan Gallan 2 and had a wholesome conversation with Sonam Bajwa. The singer whom we all know for popular songs like Mummy Nu Pasand and Duji Vaar Pyaar and many more is actually a very sweet and bubbly person in real life too. But we are sure, you might not have thought that Sunanda was not a good student in academics and used to cheat in order to pass the school examinations. 

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Yes, you read that right as Sunanda herself revealed the secret on Dil Diyan Gallan 2. While Sonam asked some fiery questions to Sunanda in a lie detector test, Sunanda unveiled that she used to cheat only to get passed in exams.

Not only this but Sunanda also revealed her secret cheating trick on the show. Sunanda stated that she used to stick chits under the border of her skirt. And as soon as she used to get a chance away from the teacher’s sight, she used to fold her skirt and jot down the answers.


Sunanda definitely has shared an amazing cheating trick with her fans, but we must warn you as there is no guarantee that you are as lucky as Sunanda. Because if your teacher catches you cheating, Sunanda cannot be blamed. 

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You can watch Sunanda’s full lie detector test on DDG 2 here.

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