Swarn Tehna Replies To Sidhu Moosewala On Line Towards ‘Chajj Da Vichar’ In 295 Song

Chajj Da Vichar, one of the most popular talk shows in Punjab, was also brought to light in one of Sidhu Moosewala’s songs, 295. The song mostly received appreciation from the audience for Sidhu’s fierce writing. There was a line in the song, “Baith Ke Janaaniya Naal Karde Aa Chugliyaan, Te Show Da Naam Rakhde Aa Chajj Da Vichaar”. It seemed like Sidhu Moosewala was passing some hard comments on the show ‘Chajj Da Vichar’.

Time took its toll and Sidhu Moosewala himself came to Chajj Da Vichar. He was interviewed by Swarn Tehna and Harman Thind in their show and the conversation about 295 was bound to take place, and it did! Swarn Tehna very clearly, referring to the 295 song’s line, replied, “Assi Chugliyaan Ni Karde”. His point of view was that ‘Chugliyaan’ are done behind the back, which they never do. He also added that we face the camera and tell people the truth, we don’t talk behind anybody’s back.

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To this comment, Sidhu Moosewala also presented his point of view as to why chose the term ‘Chugliyaan’. He said that he had earlier released many songs like So High, G Wagon and they were talked about in the show. He said that all those talks about him and his songs were taking place in front of the camera, but it was still behind his back. Swarn Tehna even said that it is not possible for every program to reach every viewer. He further added that should they consider this talk as ‘Chugliyaan’ too? Sidhu replied that now I am in front of you, ask me anything you want.

295 was released in 2021 as a part of Sidhu Moosewala’s album, Moosetape. Since the album announcement, 295 had built up a lot of hype and expectations for it and when it was released, it went boom! The song quickly climbed international charts at top positions and became one of the most successful songs of Sidhu’s career. The song was bound to not go well with many people and the Chajj Da Vichar team had a conversation on the same with Sidhu.

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