Tania Congratulates Gurnam Bhullar For Finally Moving On, But It’s Not What You Think

Both Gurnam Bhullar and Tania are two of the very brightest and popular actors of the Punjabi Film Industry. And the duo has been featured together in two films; Guddiyan Patole and Lekh. But apart from being co-actors, they also share a beautiful bond of friendship with each other.

Recently also, Tania has expressed her excitement regarding Gurnam Bhullar finally moving on. But, before you make any story in your mind, let us clear that it’s not what you think. Actually, it’s about Tania’s comment on Gurnam’s latest Instagram post. Gurnam Bhullar recently dropped a post for re-announcing the release date of his upcoming movie Kokka with Neeru Bajwa. And under the post, Tania’s comment is something that pops the most. She wrote, ‘Finally mera Rajveer move on ho gaya’.

And if you’re a true fan of Punjabi movies, you must already know the context of this comment. Actually, it’s related to Tania and Gurnam’s recently released movie Lekh. In the film, Gurnam plays a character named Rajveer who spends years only in the memories of his childhood love. The film ends with a note where Rajveer is advised to move on and he understands its importance too. And this is exactly what Tania’s comment meant. She congratulated Rajveer i.e. Gurnam for moving on, which indirectly is her wish for his upcoming movie.

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Gurnam also reacts back to Tania’s comment by laughing and appreciating her creative comment. Mentioning Kokka, the film is set to release on 20 May starring Gurnam Bhullar and Neeru Bajwa in the leading roles.

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