The Real Life Incident That Inspired Gurdas Maan To Make The Song Boot Polishan

When a list of some of the greatest musicians in the world is prepared, it is impossible to not mention legendary Punjabi singer, Gurdas Maan. The man has served the Punjabi Music for so many years and has given hundreds of superhit tracks. One song in particular, Boot Polishan, still remains one of the bests in the history of the industry. The thought behind the song, the lyrics, the ideology makes it such a beautiful track, but do you know what actually inspired Gurdas Maan to write this beautiful song?

So, Gurdas Maan was to perform at a show on female foeticide. The place was a little ahead of Ludhiana city. Gurdas Maan was ready with his costume and his turn was yet to come. Other artists were currently performing on the stage. Who wouldn’t click a picture when they see Gurdas Maan at their place! So the children of the show organizers started clicking pictures with the singer.

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Amidst the crowd, there was a little child, dreaming to click a picture with Gurdas Maan. He gestured that he wanted to have a picture with him. When Gurdas Maan saw this, he asked Jassi, his guitarist, to bring the kid to him through the ropes, which were being used as barriers. Then Gurdas Maan noticed that the kid was actually wearing a box around his neck and was a cobbler! 

Gurdas Maan was immediately hit with emotion on seeing the kid’s determination. He was so impressed that at such a young age, he was working and earning. He also thought that the kid’s parents could be in any state and could be needing help but the little child did not go begging. He chose to work hard and earn his livelihood. The child went to the singer’s feet to request him for a photo but Gurdas Maan raised him up and asked him to stand beside him. 

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Then, the kid kept his polishing equipment containing-box on the floor but the singer insisted he held it in his hands. He showed him his ‘Daffli’ and told him that this was my livelihood while the box was yours. The singer even told Jassi to make sure that the child receives the picture. The little boy went but Gurdas Maan could not get over his thought.

So, while returning home, his mind was clouded with thoughts of the little boy. He kept on thinking in absolute quietness and created a song on it. By the time he reached his home, the song was already created. This would go on to be called ‘Boot Polishan’ and become one of the greatest songs in the Punjabi Music History. So, it was a little cobbler, working hard, refusing to beg, who inspired the superhit track ‘Boot Polishan’

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