The Scars On Vicky Kaushal’s Face In Sardar Udham Singh’s Trailer Are Real, He Got 13 Stitches Due To An Injury

The Scars On Vicky Kaushal's Face In Sardar Udham Singh's Trailer Are Real, He Got 13 Stitches Due To An Injury

One of the very talented actors in bollywood industry Vicky Kaushal is all set to essay the role of revolutionary Sardar Udham Singh in his upcoming Amazon Prime’s movie Sardar Udham. The film will be released on 16 October.

Moreover, during the shooting there were rumours that Vicky might appear in the scar as a prosthetic effect, Vicky has recently revealed that it is real. 

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Not only this, words were spreading that he got injured during the set to which the actor clarified that he did not get injured on this film. He got injured on another film, which was four days before we could start shooting for Sardar Udham. He got 13 stitches on his cheek. He further added that the first picture that he sent to Shoojit Sircar who is the director of the film and he said not to worry Vicky, come with the stitches, Sardar Udham Singh will have stitches.

So, the scar that we will be seeing  on his face as Sardar Udham Singh is a real scar. He revealed that there are many different looks in the film. As we have clearly seen in the trailer, he kept changing his identity and his passports to reach London. He concluded by saying that he had to lose and gain weight several times for Sardar Udham Singh. He had to look 19 to 40 convincingly too.

The film is going to be a hit for sure and we cannot miss Vicky seeing in the new Avatar. So get ready to watch Sardar Udham on Dussehra weekend.

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