They Showed Me Middle Fingers: Tarsem Jassar Opens Up About Facing Racism

International students, without any doubt, have a lot to face in their lives and bullying is one such thing. Many of our Punjabi singers have also lived their initial years of lives away from India, in the foreign countries. Tarsem Jassar has talked about the situation openly and this is what he has to say. 

Tarsem Jassar is one of the most loved turbaned artists of our Punjabi industry but his back-end stories are what we should be aware of and get motivation from. Talking about his college and work life in the UK, he has faced a lot and that was the first phase of his life that made him strong to face the obstacles in life. 

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It was when Jassar was walking back from his job with his headphones and turban on. The white teenagers behind him tried to bully him, he ignored and walked away but they again crossed him. He then took off the headphones and the bunch of people started arguing and bullying him, when he tried to speak they showed him the middle finger and went away.  

This made Tarsem realise that whatever country you go in and whatever you do in life but somewhere you get to miss your own nation because of such deeds by people and no doubt, you have to face it. Face it and rise above it.

Tarsem also feels that these kinds of incidents make you feel more attached to your community and with yourself. And this was the reason why Jassar released the Turbanator song. The video of the song was totally based on racism and this incident happened with him. 

Some of these incidents become very important in life sometimes and overcoming them makes you stronger and takes you closer to success. This is what Tarsem believes and we, without any shadow of doubt, we believe it too.

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