Truckers V/s Justin Trudeau: Canadian Banks Start Freezing Truckers’ Accounts

The situation in Canada seems to get worse with every passing second. Days after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau threatened to freeze bank accounts of the people protesting against the vaccine mandate in Canada, the Canadian banks have finally started working on the PM’s orders.

According to Bloomberg, the Canadian Banks have started freezing Bank accounts of a small number of people connected to the Truckers’ protest going on in Canada. The banks are reportedly working on the orders of PM Trudeau. The move comes after Justin Trudeau evoked the Emergency Act in Ontario Province for the first time in the country’s history. It was enacted in 1988, and was used for the first time by Trudeau just days ago.

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It grants the government extraordinary powers like banning public assembly in certain locations. The truckers have been protesting for weeks against a vaccine mandate which was imposed on 15 January, 2022. The mandate required truckers travelling from the United States to Canada, to provide proof of vaccination. 

The protest began against the Vaccine mandate but the activities that followed changed the motto of the protesters. They started protesting against the government’s overall response to COVID-19 and even demanded overthrowing the current government. 

Justin Trudeau had threatened to freeze the bank accounts of the protestors and the threat had received a lot of criticism from around the world. It is to see hoe the situation in Canada unfolds now that the banks have finally started to work on the PM’s orders.

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