Umar Riaz Lashes Out At Afsana Khan For Her Remark, ‘Tu Doctory Kar’, On His Profession

Umar Riaz Lashes Out At Afsana Khan For Her Remark, ‘Tu Doctory Kar’, On His Profession

Bigg Boss 15 has started and it is firing up like anything. Arguments, fights, destruction of property and what not, have already started and it is just a week that the show has begun. Housemates are seen making regular comments on each other and in this league who joins it the next is Afsana Khan & Umar Riaz. Afsana has been indulged in fights since day one but we saw Umar’s calm and sweet side from the first day itself. But it isn’t the same now. 

During a random discussion between the contestants, all of a sudden Afsana Khan said to Umar Riaz that he is here for the footage. To which Umar replied that she sings the whole day which isn’t even telecasted on the television, she is here for the footage. This small argument made Afsana to comment on Umar Riaz’s profession. 

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‘Tu kuch karne layak ni hai, Tu doctory kar’, is what Afsana Said in between the argument and in reply to that Umar said, ‘When you were sitting at home during the COVID time, I was out and serving my country’. This statement by Umar Riaz made fans go crazy and gave a reason to win people’s hearts. Former Bigg Boss contestant and the brother of Umar, Asim Riaz came in support of the former through a tweet. Himanshi Khurana too took a stand for the inhouse contestant. 

Bigg Boss 15 contestant, Umar Riaz is a doctor, general surgeon, by profession and an actor, fitness model and dancer by passion. He is currently living his dream in the Bigg Boss house, as mentioned by him earlier. Umar visited his younger brother Asim Riaz in the bigg boss house in season 13 as a family connection and since then he is being admired by the people for his looks and his calm & peaceful nature. 

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