Unbelievable! Babbu Maan Grabs All The Top 11 Positions On Indian iTunes Top Albums Charts

Since the release of his most awaited album, Adab Punjabi, Babbu Maan has been the talk of the town. Soon after the album’s release on 25 April, 2022, it went on to climb to the top of the Top Indian iTunes Albums Charts! But what followed after left everyone in shock.

The audience were blown away to find a 9 year old and a 14 years old albums on the top of the charts. Babbu Maan’s Hashar Movie Album, released in 2008, climbed to the second position of the iTunes charts while his 2013 release, Talaash: In Search Of Soul grabbed the 3rd position.

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If this wasn’t enough to blow your mind away, we’re sure you’ll be left shocked now! If you go open the chart again, you’ll find not one, not 3 but all the Top 11 Positions being occupied by none other than Babbu Maan! All of his albums that were superhits of their times are now recreating history in 2022.

The top spot is still retained by Adab Punjabi. His 2005 release, Pyaas has now taken the second spot while Ohi Chann Ohi Raataan, released in 2000, is on the third spot. Mera Gham, Tu Meri Miss India, Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean, Ik C Pagal, Hawayein, Desi Romeos, Talaash, Hashar are all the top 11 albums on the charts.

This will undoubtedly leave the audience in utter shock. We have seen the latest albums by Punjabi artists breaking all the records and climbing to the top of charts leaving many Bollywood and even western albums behind but this is for the first time that we are seeing decade-old albums reaching to the top of the charts.

It is not yet known if this is a technical glitch or if Babbu Maan’s craze has really made the charts go mad! He has one of the strongest fan bases in the industry and it wouldn’t be a surprise if all these rankings are actually real.

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