Virat Kohli’s Restaurant Accused Of Denying Entry To LGBTQIA+ Group, Blamed Of Homophobia

Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli, who recently stepped down as the T20I captain of the Indian Team, has been blamed by the LGBTQIA+ community of being homophobic! The cricketer was already being targeted for the team’s recent World Cup performance and these new accusations have come off as a hard blow.

An LGBTQIA+ based social media group ‘YesWeExistIndia’ has accused one of Virat Kohli’s restaurant chains, One8.commune in Pune for being homiphic. The restaurant allegedly only allows cisgender heterosexual couples or groups of cisgender women.

The group uploaded an Instagram post accusing Virat Kohli’s restaurant in Pune being homophobic and also blamed that other branches of the restaurants also follow the same policies. The post immediately went viral all over social media and the public started asking the Indian Captain answers on the issue!

Most of the public has bashed Virat Kohli’s restaurant chains of being homophobic and discriminating among their customers on the basis of their sexual preferences. The group also brought Zomato in question. In 2019, in response to a petition filed by the founder of ‘YesWeExistIndia’, Jeet, Zomato had launched an ‘LGBTQIA’ friendly tag for restaurants that do not discriminate among the community.

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However, the company did not agree to stop partnering with restaurants who did not show tolerance for the community but ensured that it will routinely try to sensitise restaurants and have inclusive policies for all. The group revealed that they had e-mailed Zomato too on the issue, asking if they sensitised Kohli. 

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