What Made Ranjit Bawa Release Punjab Bolda?

The Farmers Protest in Delhi is taking new heights as the Punjabi celebrities are supporting the Farmers in every possible way. Not only are they reaching Delhi at the location of protest, but also backing them online on social media as well. Also, many artists like Ranjit Bawa, Kanwar Grewal, Ninja, and many others have released songs to highlight what is actually going around in the Framers Protest.

And here we will let you know what made Ranjit Bawa release his currently trending song ‘Punjab Bolda’. The song is penned by Lovely Noor beautifully which sounds really powerful. Ranjit Bawa revealed that he was at the shooting location of his song, where he noticed the online fight between Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut on Twitter. And this was the moment when he decided to make a song for this, so that the world knows the power of Punjab. He called his friend Lovely Noor and asked him toh pen lyrics for the song, especially mentioning Kangana in between. And Ranjit Himself loved the last part of the song, which states,

‘Oh 80-80 saalan wali bebe bani sherni
Kehndi putt hateyo na hunn bahuti der nahi’

You can also know about the other artists who have released their songs in the support of the Farmers Protest here,

Top Songs in The Support of The Farmers Protest

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